NAME of the project JdP

= same project NAME for the POSTER

= same project NAME for VIDEO

Before choosing the name of your project, check on the internet that it doesn’t already exist. At the same time, check that you aren’t re-creating a project that someone has already done using the same technology as your project.

You can enter for :

  1. The Innovation Prize
  2. The Handicapped Environmental Health Prize



Step 1 : You provide the following information by email


  • If you are on an internship and you cannot register :

    Send ALL of the following information by email to

    • Would you like to participate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Coaching: Yes/No
    • Type of project: Group project / Personal project / Internship project
    • Class :
    • Faculty :
    • Names / First names of students who participated in the project :
    • Nom/Prénom de l’étudiant responsable de la présentation :
    • Project title :
    • Project description (3 lines) : take care of your project description so that it is understandable and taken up on social networks if necessary
    • Name of guardian (s)
    • Are you using Texas Instruments components for your project? Yes/No
    • Does your project fit into the Health-Environment-Handicap theme? Yes No
    • I certify that my project does not fit into the framework of an existing intellectual property Yes/No

    Hardware Info

    1 table and 2 chairs will be made available

    Registration cannot be done if information is missing

    Network connection (yes / No) :

    Nombre de prises électriques (3 maximum) :


You create your poster

Step 2 : You create your poster

An A0 poster must be created that contains the following information:

  • Title of the project
  • The objectives and work completed (or to be completed)
  • Name, surname, promotion, course
  • The logo of ESIEE Paris and CCIR

Technical specifics(without respecting the technical specifics the poster will not be printed)

  • A0 format (you can submit an A4 poster that will be printed in A0)
  • A powerpoint document or a PDF smaller than 5 Mo
  • No background colour
  • The posters must be final and ready for printing. No adjustments will be made. Model of a poster Here/Graphic elements Jour des Projets

Your poster will be sent validation at the following address until 16th June at 12 pm

You must use the model of the poster mentioned above, without these elements, the poster will not be printed !!

Example of compliant poster



Example of poster not conforming


Registration closes on Thursday 19th June at 12 pm


Take part in « Entrepreneurship & Innovation Coaching » !!

2 projects will win an endowment of 1 000 et 1 500 €


Presentation of the “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” Prize

July 13 at 9:30 a.m.